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Cotton and peanuts remain the staples in Geneva County agriculture, but more acres are being planted in pine trees and grassland, and poultry operations are built every day. 
When City Bank of Hartford opened in 1975, there were 570 acres planted in cotton and 17,400 acres in peanuts.  That year, there were no poultry operations listed with the USDA national survey. The first boilers appeared in 1981. 
In 2005, 24,000 acres were planted in cotton and 23,600 acres in peanuts.  There were 60 poultry operations that produced 27 million birds. 
At City Bank, we recognize the demands of farming are changing, sometimes almost daily, so we are here to help you adapt your financial plan. 
Business Loans 
Small business and farm loans are what we do. We can provide flexible terms and conditions tailored to your needs at competitive rates. We are Geneva County's largest FSA guaranteed lender. Whether its a loan to start a new business or expand an existing one, we want to help. If we can't do the loan at City Bank we will help you find a lender who can. 
Farm Loans - crop production, livestock and equipment financing. 
Business Loans - flexible terms and competitive rates. 
We are approved SBA, USDA and FSA lenders. 


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