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ACCOUNT                                   MINIMUM                                   ANNUAL 
   TYPE                                        DEPOSIT                    PERCENTAGE YIELD 
Money Market                            $2,500                                        .25% 
Now Checking                               $100                                        0.15% 
   Savings                                        $100                                        .20% 
Avg monthly daily balance to earn interest for Savings Account is $25.00. 
Avg monthly daily balance to earn interest for Money Market is $2,500.00. 
Avg monthly daily balance to earn interest for NOW Checking is $1,000.00 
Other fees, terms and charges may apply.  Fees may reduce earnings. 
Certificates of Deposit & IRAs 
                                                        MINIMUM                                ANNUAL 
                                                        DEPOSIT                     PERCENTAGE YIELD                
  3 month                                       $500                                          .15% 
  6 month                                       $500                                          .30% 
12 month                                       $500                                         .40% 
18 month                                       $500                                         .45% 
24 month                                       $500                                         .60% 
30 month                                       $500                                         .60% 
36 month                                       $500                                         .70% 
Substantial penalty for early withdrawal may apply.  Fees may reduce earnings.  Rates available to local customers only. 
                                      These rates are effective as of April 3, 2013 
                                      Rates are subject to change without notice. 
Please call Customer Service at (334)588-3802 or email us at for rates and disclosure statements. 


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