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Invest in Your Future 
At City Bank, an FDIC-insured CD (Certificate of Deposit) is a short- or medium-term, interest-bearing account that offers you higher rates of return and more flexibility than most comparable investments. CDs offer a low risk to assure you the stability you want in an investment that lasts anywhere from one month to five years. 
Give yourself the retirement experience you dream about. Plan for a future filled with travel, entertainment and lots of relaxation. Take one more step towards your retirement by opening an IRA (Individual Retirement Account),  and take part in the tax savings and selection we have to off'er.  Or save for you or your children's educational expenses in the future with our flexible Education IRA. 
CD's & IRA's 
  Each Individual Retirement Account is now insured by 
  the FDIC up to $250,000.   
  Traditional IRA and Roth IRA's are available at City 
  Bank of Hartford. 
  A traditional IRA allows a customer to deposit a  
  minimum of $500 and deduct the amount invested  
  from the taxes paid that year.  The taxes will not be   
  paid until the amount is withdrawn, usually when the   
  person has retired and is in a lower income bracket. 
  A Roth IRA does not allow a tax deduction for the  
  amount deposited during a tax year and there would  
  be no taxes due when the amount is withdrawn. 
  To open a new IRA, transfer an existing IRA or to ask  
  about this retirement plan, e-mail us at   


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